Academy Etiquette

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For Parents


  • Sandals must be worn at all times when walking off of the mats!
  • Do not allow your child to walk into bathroom without shoes or sandals!
  • Do not allow your child to walk on the mats with shoes or sandals!

Dress Code or Attire

  • If possible, please have your child dressed before coming to class.
  • All students must wear shirt that comes to neckline.
  • No tanks, No V-cut shirts, No sleeveless shirts.
  • For safety, if wearing socks, please get socks with grips on bottom.
  • Wash your child’s uniform after every practice.


  • All students must remove jewelry prior to class.

Nails & Toenails

  • For safety, nails must be trimmed.


  • Please address Black Belt Instructors as Professor.
  • Please address all other level instructors as coach.


  • Promotions are earned though discipline, work ethic, attendance and good behavior.
  • We will approach you about your child’s first promotion and belt promotions.
  • Please do not approach instructors about promotions.


  • Please approach Instructor prior to any competition registration.

Non-Attending Children

  • If you bring non-attending siblings or friends with your child during a class, please make sure they remain in the lobby.
  • No running, yelling or going into the locker rooms when classes are in session.
  • For your child’s safety, all children are not permitted to use the gym equipment.

Please put toys away!

  • Please ensure that your child knows to clean up their toys after playing!


  • We have a limited amount of parking at Uflacker Academy.
  • Please be courteous to all patrons and arrive and leave promptly so that all patrons have access to the parking lot.
  • If your child is old enough to be left alone, you are welcome to drop them off for class, but please be prompt about pick up.


Gym Etiquette

Dress Code

  • Must leave outdoor shoes at front and wear indoor sandals at all times when walking around.
  • Must remove all jewelry prior to class.
  • Must wear shirt that comes to neckline.
  • No tanks, No V-cut shirts, No sleeveless shirts. Also, be aware of your shirt coverage.
  • Must wear Gi pants or mma shorts over compression leggings for No-Gi class or striking.
  • For safety, if wearing socks, please wear socks with grips on bottom.
  • Wash Gi after every practice.
  • Must trim fingernails and toenails.

Mat Etiquette

  • Bow before stepping on and off the mats.
  • All students must line up with attendance card in hand.
  • All students must line up in descending order of belt rank.
  • All classes begin with a formal bow to the pictures of Grand Master Carlos Sr., Master Carlos Jr. and Professor Christian and then instructor.
  • Refer to black belt instructor as “Professor” and non-black belt instructor as “Coach.”
  • Please count as a team during warm ups and at the end, during sit-ups. You may talk quietly during stretching.
  • All students must sit or stand in a good posture, in a circle, when instructor is demonstrating technique.
  • No talking when instructor is demonstrating technique.
  • Bow to your partner before and after practice.
  • Talking should be kept to a minimum level and pertain to class subject.
  • This is a family atmosphere, no foul language in academy.
  • If you are late to class and technique has started, please stand by sideline and ask instructor’s permission.
  • If you need to leave early, please approach instructor.
  • If you are taking advanced class, you must stay until end of class to bow out, even if you are not participating in the advanced rolling portion of class.
  • The belt represents your progress; keep it on during class.
  • When tying your belt in line, please face away from instructor.

Safety and Advanced Training Etiquette

  • No video recording without instructor’s permission.
  • No coaching amongst students. Only instructors are permitted to advise students during advanced rolling.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! If you are near your teammates, STOP and re-adjust!
  • Per etiquette, lower belts yield to higher belts.
  • No grabbing fingers.
  • Absolutely no leg locks for white belts.
  • Only straight ankle locks for blue belts. Partner must be blue belt or above to apply technique.
  • No heel hooks.
  • All advanced leg locks may only be applied with instructor’s permission and supervision.
  • No slams (illegal move)
  • Be aware when applying chokes! If you hear snoring, release immediately!
  • No neck cranks (illegal move)
  • No spinal pressure (illegal move)
  • Be courteous and do not push or grab partner’s face. Chin cupping is permitted.
  • Please approach Professor Christian before registering for any competitions.

Weight Room Etiquette

  • Warm up before lifting.
  • Only use weights that you can properly handle.
  • Ensure all weight plates are secure.
  • Focus on form, not weight. If you are light headed, STOP what you are doing!
  • Use safe lifting speed.
  • Do not lift heavy without a spotter.
  • Breath out when you lift.
  • Use proper lifting technique when moving weights around room.
  • When in doubt, ask for help.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Disinfect/wipe down all equipment after every use.
  • Re- rack weights and return all equipment after every use.
  • Manage your personal hygiene.
  • Absolutely NO Kids Allowed in Weight Lifting Room at Any Time!

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