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For those of you that a brand new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, here are a few key terms that you will hear during classes. Don’t worry about knowing them, you will gradually learn them as you attend. We made a quick guideline for your reference. We do not recommend going further into looking up what every term in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu means! You will get overwhelmed by doing so, just start with this quick guideline to start and you will slowly build from there.

Advanced Training/Rolling/Sparring

You must have 3 stripes on your belt to be eligible for this Advanced portion of the class. Once you are eligible to Roll, you will attempt to gain dominant position, control and apply Submission holds.

Specific Technique Training

This portion of class is based on the Technique that the Professor has demonstrated that session. Your partner will give you some resistance from a specific position in order to familiarize you with the movements. This will allow you to feel leverage, balance, timing and demonstrate how the resistance will apply to Advanced Training/Rolling/Sparring. As soon as you or your partner are able to capitalize on the position, you will both re-set and start over again.



This is the most important term that you will need to know. When you are participating in class as a beginner, you should know that your partner will tap (pat on you with their hand) or verbally say tap in order to indicate that they would like to stop or re-set. For your safety, do not tap with your feet, as your partner may not be aware that your are doing so.
Uflacker Tap FAQ

Escape the Hips and Bridge

These are hip movements that you will learn in class to help you develop movement from having your back on the ground.

Side Control/Side Mount

A position in which you are on top and perpendicular to your partner.



When you are sitting on top of your partner’s belly with your knees touching the floor. This position will help you capitalize on your partners hip movement and your will learn how to attack and escape from this position.

Half Guard

Half Guard- When only one leg is locked in between your legs. You will learn attacks, reversals and escapes from this position.

Closed Guard

When your back is on the ground and your legs are wrapped around your partner’s waistline in order to maintain a neutral position. You will learn both attacks, reversals and escapes from this position.

Guard Pass

When you start in your partner’s guard and you are able to apply technique to open and go around or through your partner’s legs in order to obtain a dominant position such as Side Control or Mount.


This is a reversal movement where you are on the bottom and you will use a technique in order to establish a top position. The movement must come from Guard in order to be considered a Sweep.

Back Control/Backpack

This is a position where you control your partner’s back. You are using your legs to create “hooks” and arms to control your partner’s entire upper body. From here you will be able to apply Submission holds, such as Chokes and Arm Attacks. You will learn attacks and escapes from this position.


Submissions are the main goal in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When you apply the Joint Locks and Chokes on your partner and it results in them Tapping, this is called a Submission.

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